Achille Ekeu

President and CEO, A.E. Financial Consulting Group, LLC

Achille owns a Masters in Business Administration and a Phd Education Level in Organization Management with a focus on Leadership. He has more than 15 years in the financial services industry and has been a Vice-President and Bank Manager at many banks including Chevy Chase Bank, PNC Bank, and others.

Achille is a very warm and dedicated person who uses his skills for the greater good. Recently he was a winner of the Great Gallup Workplace Award for Excellence in Management. He has turned around many failing organizations by supporting and advising them in a very effective way. He has been Chairman of the Board of many non-profit organizations where he provided his expertise in running a company.

After so many years working for corporations, Achille decided to take his talent everywhere he is needed. He is now the founder of A.E. Financial Consulting Group, LLC with the objective of helping many businesses grow incrementally and consistently over the years. Some of his engagements include:

  • Seminar with the District Of Columbia Government to improve financial literacy in ward 8 and ward 7 for the the past 5 years.

  • He consulted with many small businesses in need of help to improve their profitability and reduce expenses in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

  • He organized countless number of workshops in the DC Metro region to discuss and share with business owners his experience and successfully improved the lived of many of them.


3407 28th Parkway)
Temple Hills , Maryland , 20748
United States

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