Bill Cark

Vice President of Business Development, Ashar Group
(800) 384-8080

William J. Clark serves as Vice President of Business Development for Ashar Group, LLC. Bill’s responsibilities include developing new market channels and assisting existing strategic partners in integrating Secondary Market solutions seamlessly into their core processes. Over the past 7 years at Ashar, Bill has worked successfully with both independent advisors and national organizations, demonstrating an experienced track record of positive results that can be relied upon.

Prior to joining the Ashar team, Bill served as an executive with State Farm for 18 years, leading organizations in both the Midwest and Northeast regions. Through those experiences, he earned the trust and admiration of his peers, designing innovative programs to grow the businesses of the 450 agents that reported to him. Bill has a deep understanding of how to work with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and the need to run an efficient back-office. Bill seeks out hard driving, client centric, entrepreneurial planners that recognize the wisdom in partnering with other professional experts.


1800 Pembrook Drive)
Suite 240
Orlando , Florida , 32810
United States

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