Stephen Harrison

Director Sales, Pavilion Business Services

Stephen has spent over 25 years delivering insights and results to clients across many industries, helping them become agile in a constantly changing marketplace. Stephen was drafted by the Ottawa Roughriders and spent five years pursuing an ultimately elusive Grey Cup. As team captain and a Player/Marketing Executive, he provided leadership and guidance on and off the field.

Stephen was an early adopter of a “What are the customer's needs" sales philosophy allowing him to provide solutions to his client's needs, rather than finding customers to match a service or product. Along with his passion and determination, Stephen strives to sell businesses creating satisfied customers across Western Canada. He used this philosophy while working with international firms including MarketBridge Inc., allowing him to provide leading edge marketing initiatives and exceptional customer service. His extensive business and athletic background, along with his strong work ethic, drive Stephen to help businesses achieve their individual goals.

As Vice President for a leading financial company, Stephen adopted a philosophy of constant improvement to help optimize and automate many retail and corporate sales processes, enhancing the firm's sales year over year. While the 1990's proved to be tough times, Stephen initiated the firm's new strategic acquisition of struggling local and national CDIC Guaranteed Investment Certificate agencies, thereby vastly increasing sales and book value to the firm. Stephen was recruited by another leading competing financial company and as the Vice President he repositioned and clearly articulated their unique global perspective and resources. This allowed them to refocus their value proposition to the market utilizing a multi-layered approach that was virtually unheard of at the time. This approach attracted more clients making larger commitments across a wide variety of product offerings driving regional office profitability to a new level.

Stephen is dedicated to mentoring small business owners and spends time volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society and United Way. In his spare time he enjoys reading autobiographies and coaching football.


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Abbotsford , British Columbia , V2S 2E1

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