Jim Hines

Managing Partner, Inxcorp Business Advisors
(800) 414-0837

During his successful 30+ year career, Jim has administered the sale of several hundred companies in all major industries. In 1982, Jim founded his M&A firm Investment Exchange Corporation that operates as Inxcorp Business Advisors. In 2004 he launched Company Connections, a division of Investment exchange Corporation, as a cutting edge Internet driven M&A marketing brokerage for smaller businesses. Recently Company Connections was merged into the Murphy Business Network as Murphy Business – Great Lakes Region.

Jim holds the professional designation of Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) and was among the first to earn the prestigious Distinguished Fellow award (FCBI) from the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) for lifetime M&A industry and career achievement. His other career achievements include founding the Michigan Business Brokers Association, serving as a director and officer of the IBBA and a committee chair of its Middle Market affiliate The M&A Source.

While Jim continues to head his M&A firms, he is also Managing Partner of H3 Sustainability. Jim has dedicated himself to the success of H3 Sustainability in response to the increased demand for environmentally safe alternatives to traditional plastics, and his personal desire to support global sustainability efforts.

Over his long business career Mr. Hines has participated in the development and ownership of businesses in the manufacturing, telecommunications, service, franchise and internet marketing industries. Mr. Hines has lectured at Universities, Chambers of Commerce and other business and professional organizations. He has written numerous articles regarding issues effecting business transfer including Death by Banker for business publications. Having valued hundreds of companies for pending sale to courtroom proceedings, Mr. Hines is recognized as an expert business appraiser.


Grand Rapids , Michigan
United States

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