Joe Goodell

Managing Director and Founder at Virtue Crest Capital, LLC
(240) 766-8068

Prior to founding and managing Virtue Crest Capital, Joe served as an officer in the United States Navy for approximately six years, managing the logistics and budgets behind the procurement, delivery, and installation of $300 million of nuclear modernization equipment on naval warships across the world. He managed two teams of ten warehouse and shipyard employees to move inventory, and created and delivered several presentations and budgets for senior members of the military and Congress.

After the Navy, Joe worked as an operational consultant for a non-profit consumer goods company in Brazil, where he helped improve the sales process. He also worked in the cross-border trade group of a large e-commerce company, where he evaluated courier and freight forwarding partnerships.

Joe received his bachelor degree with honors from Vanderbilt University and his MBA from Harvard Business School.


Virtue Crest Capital, LLC)
2233 E Pratt Street
Baltimore , Maryland , 21231
United States

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