Jeff Brubaker

Managing Partner

We are a very aggressive firm in an industry that is notoriously passive. We provide exit strategies for business owners that have built an empire, and we help younger entrepreneurs build their own empires.We have a superior understanding of the synergies that exist between business sellers and the people up and down the supply chain of their industry that can make a transaction successful.

We advise our clients with the unvarnished truth of their situation, and we maximize their return quickly and quietly.We also participate in selected turnaround projects. In a typical scenario, we will join the management of a company, identify toxic and ineffective people and procedures, and quickly remove them from the equation. We may arrange a new capital injection, or bring in board members and management than can effectively bring the company's product/service to the market effectively.

We serve the broad range of the middle market, usually involved with companies with 5-100m in annual revenues. We also advise and fund selected pre-revenue startups that have demonstrated a new and viable technology or market efficiency.

The other end of our business doesn't make us any money, but is the real purpose of our existence. Our business efforts fund a Venture Capital fund for non-profit organizations that can make a big difference with our early support. It's like this: If we were able to raise $500,000 for an organization even as worthy as the American Cancer Society, we would not change the world by doing so. But even $50,000 in the hands of one of our startups would have a profound impact on people immediately.


, North Carolina
United States

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