Che Hackett

Managing Director/President at The Gulf of Paria Group
(424) 781-5121

Che Hackett is an accomplished M&A professional. He has been in the financial services and investment banking industry for 19 years, first joining a Venture Capital Investment Bank on Wall Street in 1996, where he excelled at analyzing and valuing new deals, structuring IPOs, investment brokering, and marketing. He then joined Citigroup as a financial advisor, eventually transitioning into a leadership role at the firm. He has served as a Registered Investment Advisor, and an Investment Supervisory Principal, and is truly and firmly dedicated to helping individual and institutional clients make intelligent financial investment decisions. His patience, determination, and leadership, ensures that every client is treated with high regard.

Mr. Hackett earned a Bachelors in Business in Finance & Economics from the prestigious Baruch College in New York City, and went on to launch a distinguished career in the Investment Banking and Financial Services industry, where he is still firmly committed to helping you identify and reach your business goals.

He will personally study the best strategic fit for your company, to help you increase your firm's value, and gain that valuable market share that all companies covet. His sole ambition is to be a tool to help you realize your potential of being a dominant force within your industry --- a potential he believes all companies, properly structured and managed, is capable of accomplishing.

He truly believes that his combined knowledge and experience throughout his long and distinguished career, will be a key factor in accomplishing those desired remarkable results for you.


The Gulf of Paria Group)
2069 Park Trail Road
Windsor Mill , Maryland , 21244
United States

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