M&A Conference 2015 - Will Wall Street’s Mega-deal Boom Keep Breaking Trillion-dollar Records in 2015?

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Event Details


Mergers and Acquisitions Conference 2015 New York City is the first (and only) forum top executives, bankers, lawyers and investors need to attend to start 2015 off with a bang. Savvy deal makers, renowned investors and inquisitive experts will bring their latest thinking to hundreds of senior business focused on leveraging low-interest rates in America and Europe and their immense piles of cash on hand while scoring strategic touchdowns that will build decades-long advantages.

Topics that Mergers and Acquisitions Conference 2015 will discuss include:

- Is the latest resurgence of deal making activity the real thing?
- New rules for corporate tax inversions and the impact on pending deals
- The role of private equity and the activist hedge fund in M&A
- Pharma’s Gordian knot: How to fill in gaps in their product offerings
- Telecom M&A: More of a baby’s head on a monkey’s body?
- Will megatrends driving tech M&A defy uncertainty about the global economy?
- Is today’s M&A boom going to end badly?

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