PartnerConnect Midwest --- 8th Annual Buyouts Chicago

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Event Details


Join the Buyouts editorial team and hundreds of LPs, GPs and intermediaries in Chicago for 2 days of unparalleled networking and intelligence. Whether you’re focused on fundraising or just looking to learn more about the trends shaping your business, the 8th Annual Buyouts Chicago conference is guaranteed to help you profit in 2015. You’ll meet more than 300 professionals at the regions biggest PE event of the year for senior decision-makers.

Plus GPs can customize their networking opportunities with LPs by participating in our exclusive ExecConnect private meeting program: pre-arranged 1:1 meetings with LPs with mutual investment goals. Enrollment for ExecConnect is included with all GP tickets; and with more than 100 LPs attending, you’re sure to meet new investors eager to put money to work in the asset class.

Buyouts Chicago is part of PartnerConnect, an "event of events" that combines several branded conferences under one roof. It's a valuable networking event, all of it focused on private markets, where attendees constantly cross-pollinate, as they freely move from one event to the next.

Who Should Attend:

- Private Equity Groups

- Institutional Investors

- Investment Banks

- Commercial Lenders

- Law Firms

- Consulting Firms

- Placement Agents

- Due Diligence Firms

- Valuation Firms

- Recruiters

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