Insight Information’s 12th Annual Mergers & Acquisitions

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There are many M&A conferences but what makes Insight Information’s event stand out above the rest are the practical presentations that combine an understanding of the technical issues with the business context that matters to those working on deals today. If your deal team is looking to acquire expertise from those with an intimate knowledge of the nuances of the Calgary market and economic challenges posed by considerations such as the price of oil, you will not want to miss this event.

Featuring an unparalleled faculty drawn from a cross section of law firms, attendees will gain ideas for employing a wide array of strategies and tactics that are necessary for executing deals domestically and globally.

Topics covered include:

- Global Economic Uncertainty

- Investment Canada Act Considerations for M&A Deals

- Corporate Governance Considerations: Special Situation Type Workouts

- Roadblocks to Deals in our Current Economic Environment

- Emerging Trends – M&A Litigation Strategy

- Restructuring Related M&A Activity – Insolvency as a Driver

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