32nd Annual TV and Radio Finance Summit

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Join us as we convene for the 32nd Annual TV and Radio Finance Summit. A stellar lineup of broadcast owners, investors, strategic advisors and professionals from across the industry will explore the sector’s issues and questions as well as risks and opportunities, most pressing in today's broadcast environment

- What is the outlook for revenue growth and new revenue streams for TV and radio stations?

- Is more consolidation on the horizon for the broadcast sector? Who will be the likely buyers and sellers?

- Will station M&A pick back up and at what multiples?

- Which might be the next TV and radio station groups to merge or engage in significant M&A? How big do these groups need to get?

- How are new deals being structured, and when will the next wave of new agreements come?

- What factors and terms should TV station owners consider when negotiating new deals?

- How much will have to be given up to which network, and what do station owners get in return?

- How will the auction rules actually work?

- Are investors missing the big picture, and upside of this sector?

- Can radio & TV groups create and sustain meaningful new value? If so, when?

- Should private equity be waiting or jumping in? Will lenders salute the potential?

- How should investors and lenders value a station's digital assets?

- How might potential changes in ownership/competition regulations impact the deal market? Values?

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