The Capital Roundtable: Best Practices for Co-Investing by Private Equity Funds and Their Limited Partners

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More and more middle-market private equity GPs feel frustrated with the traditional fund-raising process.

As an alternative, they’re reinventing their relationships with LPs and non LP investors by turning to them for co-investment capital on a deal-by-deal basis to supplement their fund capital.

Here Are Three Reasons Why You Should Join Us

  1. Learn how to structure transaction fees, monitoring fees, management fees, and carried interest with non-LPs to create alignment of interests and reap greater rewards for successful investment.
  2. Hear about issues (and pitfalls) facing the co-investment process, e.g., how do investors mitigate adverse selection issues? What are key mistakes investors can make in evaluating co-investment deals?
  3. See how other GPs have used this model to execute on deals much larger than their fund size would otherwise allow.

And Here Are Three Reasons Why LP & Non-LP Co-Investors Belong at This Conference

  1. Learn how to pursue and execute attractive private equity investments without committing to a private equity fund.
  2. Find out how to identify GPs who provide these types of co-investment opportunities.
  3. Determine how you can deploy your capital more quickly and mitigate the J-curve effect associated with private equity fund commitments.

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