The Conference Board: Corporate Development Conference

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Event Details


Value Realization through Deal Strategy, Execution, and Readiness.

Today’s deal market is incredibly robust. Businesses continue to seek new growth and market share, and deal makers are expected to deliver value. Corporate Development Officers (CDOs) are acquiring, aligning, and divesting businesses in their portfolios with more complexity and speed, even in the face of greater risk. As such, corporate development teams need to maintain a culture of responsiveness and agility by effectively utilizing the required skills, team, and organizational competencies to respond to changing business needs and opportunities at a moment’s notice; driving competitive advantage.

Highlights of the event include:

- Get insights into the risks and opportunities of today’s global economic landscape and what these mean for the evolving CDO role

- Align deal strategy with corporate strategy for maximum value across the enterprise

- Uncover and master one of the most unpredictable and complicated aspects of the deal: the human side

- Effectively evaluate portfolios for divestiture candidates

- Create M&A value from sourcing to due diligence to total transformation

- Execute M&A integration from Day One with readiness, planning, and synergy analysis

- Seize opportunities of cross-border and emerging markets transactions—and avoid pitfalls

- Strike a balance between the art and science of strategic alliances

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