E.P.I Georgia Chapter: Overlooked Truths in Guiding Owners to a Successful Exit

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In this interactive panel discussion, experienced wealth advisors discuss how we can help prepare business owners for a successful transition from their business. We will address the often-overlooked truths of preparing them as family, for a major life transition, financially, and for the long term. In addition, an owner who exited his business will share his insights and recommendations on how we can help exiting owners have a favorable outcome.

Learning Objectives:

  • Preparing the owner for a major life transition: Helping them with the sense of loss of control & identity and looking for new life opportunities (philanthropy, family, society & spiritually).
  • Preparing the owner financially: Navigating the unspoken change from accumulation to preservation mindset and discussing the importance of liquidity, proper planning and collaborating with their trusted team of advisors.
  • Preparing the owner for the long term: The new roles their advisors will play and the difference between short-term and long-term advisory team members.

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