E.P.I Central Indiana Chaptert: Demystifying ESOPS (Employee Stock Ownership Plans)

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Learn about the ESOP exit planning path from leading Indiana professionals in three different disciplines: Legal, Valuation, and ESOP Trusteeship. Advisors who are unfamiliar with ESOPs would benefit from attending this program, which is designed to answer questions, de-bunk some “ESOP myths”, and help advisors determine when this specific exit planning tactic should be considered.

Business owner surveys show that selling to key employees, co-owners, and the employees through an ESOP remains a popular method of ensuring business continuity. This presentation will help you identify the benefits and drawbacks of an ESOP sale, and what traits or qualities in a business (and a shareholder) can lead to a successful ESOP exit plan.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and understand the tax benefits for ESOP companies and selling shareholders, and how these benefits compare to taxes on third-party sales.
  2. Learn about common myths and misconceptions related to ESOP companies.
  3. Get an update on the current regulatory environment for ESOP companies and the importance of building an ESOP ‘deal team’.
  4. Explore a recent ESOP transaction process that illustrates the learning objectives and highlights the importance of considering all options.


  • Andrew J. Manchir, ASA, CMA
  • Thomas P. Stafford
  • David Van Ness

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