E.P.I North Texas Chapter: Strategies to Balance Income, Cap Gain, Estate Tax

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When considering estate planning, succession planning, ownership and management transition, and business sustainability, the facts and other aspects to be considered can be overwhelming. Absent all the facts, both professional advisors and business owners could easily solve one tax issue, only to create another, unforeseen consequence.

This session will focus on the various tax and non-tax strategies to be considered. The presenters will discuss not only the resulting tax results, but how some strategies could also affect the sustainability of the business, especially from an operations viewpoint.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to determine income, capital gain, and estate tax liability before gifting or selling a business
  • When it makes sense to implement a strategy even if it triggers a tax
  • Non-tax consequences to consider before committing to a tax avoidance or reduction strategy
  • What advisors to include on the exit planning team to properly analyze all options and tax consequences

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