E.P.I Southern California Chapter: Family Business Transitions - What You Need to Know

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Family Business Transitions: What You Need to Know

Family-owned businesses have a unique set of challenges and issues that must be understood and addressed when planning for transition. This presentation addresses the key distinctions and emotional issues that family-owned business owners and their advisors need to be aware of when considering the various options to transition ownership and leadership in a family business. Attendees will learn effective approaches to the most common roadblocks to a successful transition, and how to implement them.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the most common emotions at play when an owner is trying to decide to transition and to whom.
  2. Identify key factors to a successful transition in family businesses.
  3. Relate the role of a family transitions specialist and see when and how to incorporate one into the transition process.


  • Emily Bouchard, Managing Partner, Wealth Legacy Group
  • Kip Kolson, President, Family Wealth Leadership

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