E.P.I North Texas Chapter: Nuts and Bolts of Business Valuations and Preparers

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How business valuations are prepared and the credentials of those who prepare them are a mystery to most professional advisors and probably to almost all business owners. To further complicate the situation, business owners and their advisors, including ownership transition practitioners, need to know how a business would likely be valued by the marketplace at the beginning of the exit planning process. But, obtaining a reasonably accurate value is sometimes not possible unless the valuation professional has all the necessary information about how the business operates, and other business sustainability issues – all from a prospective acquirer’s viewpoint.

This session will focus on who the various credentialed business valuation preparer professionals are, including the facts regarding their professional designations. They will give a general explanation of the key parts of a full-blown valuation, including the three methods to estimate value, and their subsets, what is meant by a “limited” or “abbreviated scope valuation, and how to determine who to select to prepare a valuation for a given purpose.

Learning Objectives:

  • The requirements for certification and continuing education for the various professional designations
  • How to engage the “right” preparer based on the subject company and purpose of the valuation
  • The key parts of every full-blown valuation
  • What is often included in a “limited scope” or “abbreviated” valuation
  • Why even a Fair Market Valuation might not accurately estimate what a third party buyer would pay for a business


  • Mark Winger, CFA, CPA/ABV, ASA
  • Robert I. Bridges, CFA, CVA

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