E.P.I North Texas Chapter: Employee Post-Exit Retention Strategies

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Smart business owners execute employment agreements with their most valued employees. These agreements often include non-compete and non-solicitation agreements. But sometimes they overlook the importance of taking this process one step further. Agreements that promote retention after ownership transition can add significantly to the salability, bankability, and value of the business.

This session will focus on the various strategies to promote employee retention after ownership transition. The business owner and his exit planning advisor must decide whether the goal is to retain employees after ownership transition, or, is it to reward the employee for past service, or both. This session will focus on phantom stock, stay bonuses and other strategies and, the proper use of them to promote pre-and post-ownership transition retention.

Learning Objectives:

  • What data to gather to identify the best strategy
  • What strategies reward past service vs promote post-exit retention
  • How to determine the best strategy based on the facts
  • How the various strategies are funded
  • Who are the parties to the agreement and how to title the funding contract
  • How to insure that the agreement will be fulfilled or enforced as planned


  • Linda Wilkins

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