E.P.I North Texas Chapter: The Legal Aspects of Exiting a Business

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Business owners and their advisors sometimes overlook, or under estimate, the amount of legal work that needs to be completed before a business is ready to be put in play. As a result, many do not begin to address the issues soon enough, causing significant delay and lost opportunities in their effort to transition ownership.

This session will focus on the documents that need to be drafted, amended, or renewed in preparation for due diligence, including: vendor and customer agreements; licenses and permits; patents; transferability of agreements; employee agreements; and corporate minutes. The presenter will also discuss the implications and solutions for threatened or pending litigation.

Learning Objectives:

  • What legal documents need to be amended or drafted
  • Who and why corporate meeting minutes need to be current
  • Why pending or threatened litigation needs to be resolved or settled
  • Why business owners should not wait until it’s too late to get started


  • John Willems

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