The Art of M&A Due Diligence (June 2017)

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As companies seek to get better at M&A, there is a growing realization that we need to get much better at due diligence. Even the most successful acquirers acknowledge that while they do a good job of financial and legal due diligence, they are not as good at the broader, more holistic view of business and strategic diligence. With our new partners BDO and our other partners we have significantly modified and expanded the diligence training we offer to reflect both the need for this broader view as well as the implications of operating in our new digital world.

Topics will include:

  • Understanding the Acquisition Rationale as a context for Diligence Planning
  • The Hand-offs from Corporate Development to Comprehensive Diligence
  • Financial Diligence (Quality of Earnings, Working Capital, Income Statements and Balance Sheet)
  • Operational, IT, and HR Diligence: Getting Behind and Beyond the Numbers
  • Managing the Diligence Effort – The DMO
  • What a Non-Expert Needs to Know About Tax and Valuation
  • Legal Diligence: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
  • Redefining Diligence in a Digital World: Cyber Security and Social Media
  • People Issues and Risks
  • Addressing the Seller Dynamics
  • Dealing with Alternative Deal Types
  • Business Fit and Value Assessment
  • Bridging From Diligence to Integration
  • Case Studies and Functional Group Break-Outs

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