The Art of M&A Integration November 2017

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Isn’t it time your company joined the Winners’ Circle -- the 30% of companies that actually increase business value in an acquisition? This 3-day M&A integration workshop opens the door and shares lessons learned and best practices by M&A practitioners and experts. Employing peer interaction and experience sharing, the critical areas of integration effectiveness, from strategy and readiness through pre-close and post-close, are the focus. You will be provided the tools, frameworks, processes, structures and key action items for more effectively planning and executing M&A integrations. Join the more than 1,000 executives and managers who have attended M&A Leadership Council courses to build their skills sets and expertise.

Topics Will Include:

  • The Business Case for Effective M&A Integration
  • M&A Integration Life Cycle
  • Determining M&A Integration Strategy
  • Strategic Diligence: Business Fit & Value Assessment
  • Transitioning from Diligence to Integration
  • Integration Framework
  • Managing the Integration Process
  • Concept of Operations
  • Change Management and Communications
  • Internal Readiness
  • Culture Assessment
  • Break-out Sessions, Case Studies, Facilitated Peer Discussions

New Session:"Best Practices for Modern M&A Playbooks"

To meet the needs of today’s increasingly complex mergers and acquisitions, many experienced acquirers are upgrading their company’s M&A Playbooks to be more than checklists and blank templates. This interactive session will identify best practices and ideas to help you turn your Playbook into a more dynamic and effective M&A capability-building solution. Discussion topics will include:

1. Flexible Framework – Adapt your Playbook for different deal types and sizes 2. Full Deal Life Cycle – Design your Playbook to address all deal phases, from start to finish 3. Roles & Responsibilities – Map complex roles, responsibilities and interdependencies of teams 4. Skill Building and Knowledge Transfer – Capture the experience of your teams while providing “what to/how to” support for new SMEs and PMs 5. Hit the “Sweet Spot” of Tools – Define the right master set of priority tools, templates and artifacts to provide guidance and direction without overwhelming 6. Deliver via a Multi-Function Digital Platform – Learn how your Playbook can enhance M&A digital platforms to maximize access, collaboration, visibility, accountability and efficiency

Other Featured Topics:

  • Key People/HR Issues in Integration
  • Legal Aspects of Integration
  • Considerations in IT Integration

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