Connectivity Business Investors Conference 2019 - June 26+27

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June 26 & 27, 2019 | New York

This interdisciplinary conference will address the critical financial and business issues impacting the global connectivity industry and explore opportunities in the private and public equity and debt capital markets for investment in this fast-growing sector.

This conference will explore a range of vertical markets, from mobility on land, at sea, and in the air to the provision of broadband connectivity. We will discuss the tension between terrestrial and satellite platforms and, ultimately, we will advance the investment community’s understanding of factors that will shape this industry in the next five years.

Areas of discussion will include vertical market applications that are built on connecting people and devices to the internet through terrestrial telecommunications / 5G networks, sub-sea and land-based fiber networks, small cells / tower infrastructure, suborbital balloons and drones, and next-generation satellite constellations.

With active participation from the conference attendees, this forum is sure to produce unique insights on the opportunities and challenges investors will face as they look for an appropriate return on invested capital from the connectivity industry.

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