Western States M&A Symposium 2019 - June 12 - 13

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Are you interested in expanding into the West through acquisition?

Are you based in the West and considering a sale or merger?

Or are you trying to figure out what all this industry M&A means for your firm?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then the Western States M&A Symposium is designed specifically for you.

Take a deep dive into M&A trends and practices

The Western States M&A Symposium is packed with proprietary M&A valuation and pricing content, timely discussions of M&A trends in the West and nationally, in-depth explorations of M&A best practices, and highly-engaging and informative panel discussions with buyers, sellers, and M&A experts.

  • Hear from experts about current trends in AE industry M&A and what the outlook is for M&A nationally and in the West.
  • Understand the market for AE and environmental firms and what prices are reasonable to expect in the current economy.
  • Engage with deal-makers in interactive panels and open discussion forums.

THE networking event for M&A decision-makers

Connect with decision-makers from both national and regional firms that are interested in expanding in the West. Meet presidents and principals from Western firms who want to learn more about the topic and who are considering or actively exploring a firm sale or merger.

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