How does a private equity investment work for a business owner?

By Divestopedia Team | Published: April 18, 2016
Presented by Evolution Capital Partners
Key Takeaways

Understand the capital structure that Evolution Capital Partners employs when they team up with business owners.

Since 2005, Evolution Capital Partners has helped numerous entrepreneurial businesses create a foundation for scale through its process, The Five Pillars of Business Freedom(SM). As a team of investors, partners, and employees, our primary passion and motivation is to inspire entrepreneurs and their small businesses to create Evolutionary businesses.

In this webinar on Evolutionary Capital, Brendan Anderson, co-founder & managing partner reviews:

  • the firm's criteria for investment;
  • details on their deal structure;
  • specific case studies of the metrics for business owners considering a private equity investment, and
  • examples of the value adding capabilities that they have delivered on existing investments.

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Written by Divestopedia Team

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