Acquisition Integration Best Practices

By Divestopedia Team | Published: November 1, 2021
Key Takeaways

An overview of best practices, lessons learned, and innovative strategies for acquisition integration.

Effective integration of an acquisition can be the determinant of a successful or failed deal. Acquirers must increase their focus on ensuring that deals deliver the expected value. Buyers that fail to successfully integrate companies quickly and efficiently will struggle to fully realize the full potential of synergies identified pre-closing.

But for many acquirers, M&A integration remains a challenge. It’s a highly tactical effort that requires effective communication, planning and project management. The process is often considered 20% strategy and 80% execution. A well-thought-out integration strategy is critical for setting the course to capture deal value. A tactical execution plan is necessary for real value creation.

In this workshop, we discuss the practical key areas of focus in the integration of an acquisition:

  • Integration strategy development
  • Synergy identification and risk mitigation in due diligence
  • Post acquisition operational transition
  • Human resource communication and management
  • Finance and accounting integration
  • Information technology transition

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