Advisors in Manitoba

Jenifer Bartman
President, Jenifer Bartman Business Advisory Services
Jenifer Bartman Business Advisory Services assists companies in the growth, financing, and transition stages of development. Service areas include business and succession planning, executive coaching, marketing strategy, operational improvement, and contract executive services. Jenifer holds the...
St. Adolphe, Canada
(204) 771-0230
Jarrett Davidson
President and Principal
An experienced entrepreneur and corporate finance professional with significant strategic and operational roles within companies he owns and advises on. Jarrett has over 15 years experience in executive roles, M&A and transactional advisory services. Previous positions include co-founder and...
Winnipeg, Canada
(204) 488-3784
John Mottola
Partner at Osprey Capital Partners Inc.
Mr. Mottola specializes in advising management teams and directors on the strategic options associated with the execution of various merger, acquisition, and capital formation transactions, in addition to providing other strategic evaluations. He focuses on the investment banking practice serving...
Winnipeg, Canada
(204) 488 1872
Brett Franklin
Winnipeg, Canada
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