Advisors in Canada

Howard E. Johnson
Managing Director and co-founder, Veracap M&A International Inc.
Howard is a Managing Director of Veracap M&A International Inc. and Campbell Valuation Partners Limited. He advises business owners and executives on acquisitions, divestitures, private equity financing and shareholder value initiatives. As a member of M&A International., Howard works...
Toronto, Canada
(416) 597-4500
Wayne Vanwyck
Principal, The Achievement Centre, Elmira
Wayne founded The Achievement Centre in 1984, Callright Marketing Services, in 1996 and The Vanwyck Corporation in 2009. He is an entrepreneur, salesman, leader, author, facilitator, and public speaker. He has created many courses for professionals, and has written 2 books and over 300 articles....
Elmira, Canada
(519) 669-1397
Davis Vaitkunas
Director - Bond Capital
Davis has completed over 130 financial transactions with growth entrepreneurs in Western Canada and the Western USA. Each of these transactions has centered on Banking, Investment Banking, Mezzanine Debt and Private Equity. Bond Capital Mezzanine Debt Fund is an established institutional provider...
Vancouver, Canada
(604) 687-2663
Richard Wise
Partner, MNP LLP - Valuation and Litigation Support
Since the 1970s, Richard has been performing independent business valuations across Canada and the U.S., as well as overseas.  He has been retained by various government departments and agencies, the private sector (by both publicly-traded, multinational corporations as well as private,...
Montréal, Canada
(514) 861-9724
Stuart Parnell
Managing Director at Stormont Energy Advisors
Stuart is a Chartered Financial Analyst with more than 19 years experience in financial services and investment. From 2006 to 2009, he served as Vice-President Corporate Development for a private pipeline construction business. From 1998 through 2006, Stuart was employed in a series of increasingly...
Calgary, Canada
(403) 452-5532
Basil Peters
CEO at Strategic Exits Corp
Basil is a very strategic, tenacious M&A advisor. The most fun Basil has as an entrepreneur, or an investor, is when companies are successfully sold.He was a successful CEO in Vancouver and Silicon Valley. Basil also founded a venture capital firm, hedge fund, and angel fund.After being an investor...
Coquitlam, Canada
Jarrett Davidson
President and Principal
An experienced entrepreneur and corporate finance professional with significant strategic and operational roles within companies he owns and advises on. Jarrett has over 15 years experience in executive roles, M&A and transactional advisory services. Previous positions include co-founder and...
Winnipeg, Canada
(204) 488-3784
Mark Groulx
Mark is the President and founder of AIM Group Canada Ltd. Mark has led numerous successful transactions from origination through preparation, structuring, negotiation and closing across several industries in his more than 25 years with AIM. Previously Mark had an extensive background in corporate...
Toronto, Canada
(416) 364-8464
Michael Cook
Michael has over 15 years experience working with SME businesses in many capacities (general business advisory, executive management, sell side advisory, buy side private equity and at the board of director level) over a broad range of industries (oilfield service, manufacturing, technology,...
Calgary, Canada
(587) 887-1538
Dean Bethune
Managing Director at Wescap Capital
Co-founded Wescap Capital in October 2011. Wescap Capital is a financial services firm based in Western Canada. Wescap works with private companies in Western Canada providing business brokerage services to businesses with enterprise valuations of less than $30 million dollars.High-calibre...
Calgary, Canada
(778) 840-3325

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