Advisors in Maryland

Che Hackett
Managing Director/President at The Gulf of Paria Group
Che Hackett is an accomplished M&A professional. He has been in the financial services and investment banking industry for 19 years, first joining a Venture Capital Investment Bank on Wall Street in 1996, where he excelled at analyzing and valuing new deals, structuring IPOs, investment...
Windsor Mill, Maryland
(424) 781-5121
Joe Goodell
Managing Director and Founder at Virtue Crest Capital, LLC
Prior to founding and managing Virtue Crest Capital, Joe served as an officer in the United States Navy for approximately six years, managing the logistics and budgets behind the procurement, delivery, and installation of $300 million of nuclear modernization equipment on naval warships across the...
Baltimore, Maryland
(240) 766-8068
Mark Gaffin
Founder and President of The Gaffin Group
Mark Gaffin is the Founder and President of The Gaffin Group. Mark brings over 25 years experience to the research, consulting, and development needs of our clients in the middle market. He has been involved in hundreds of middle market and large-cap transactions, including corporate development,...
Laurel, Maryland
(847) 242-8764
Clarence Day
Senior Partner
Clarence's professional experience consist exclusively in the financial industry. He has a diverse and vast amount of experiences from niche boutique firms to multinational financial institutions. And in all capacities Mr. Day brings considerable and demonstrable value. Griffin Moor International,...
Baltimore, Maryland
(410) 929-7781
Achille Ekeu
President and CEO, A.E. Financial Consulting Group, LLC
Achille owns a Masters in Business Administration and a Phd Education Level in Organization Management with a focus on Leadership. He has more than 15 years in the financial services industry and has been a Vice-President and Bank Manager at many banks including Chevy Chase Bank, PNC Bank, and...
Temple Hills, Maryland
Craig Bowden
Baltimore, Maryland
Carol Coughlin
Towson, Maryland
Stephen Atkins
Annapolis, Maryland
Andrew Smith
Annapolis, Maryland
Susan Wiley
Towson, Maryland

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