Exit Planners in Massachusetts

David Walsh
Senior M&A Advisor - Boston
David has been involved in acquisition, integration and divestiture from an operating perspective for 25 years. He focuses on the waste, industrial and environmental sectors for Woodbridge. His previous work spanned technology, software, business as well as environmental services. Prior to serving...
Boston, Massachusetts
(617) 901-0738
Mary Adams
Founder and Chief Catalyst of Smarter-Companies
For nearly 30 years, I have helped business leaders conquer challenges such as growth, change, mergers and acquisitions. Along the way, I have lived the shift from the Industrial to the Social Era. This shift is driving a need for basic changes in how we measure, manage and monetize our collective...
Woburn, Massachusetts
(781) 729-9650
Kerri Salls
Framingham, Massachusetts
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