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There are many factors to consider when finalizing the resulting new brand (or re-branding) from a merger and acquisition. This article overviews the key items you need to think about before moving forward.

Investment bankers conduct a comprehensive review of historical numbers to show a company in the best financial position possible when it's up for sale. Learn the most common adjustments to EBITDA so you can look for them yourself.

When it comes time to sell your business, you need to master these 10 value drivers to give yourself the best position possible in today's market. Challenge your method of thinking by learning to assess your business the way a potential buyer would.

Figuring out what your electronic manufacturing business is worth is an important first step to entering the market. This article details the best valuation approaches and recent market trends to compare to.

Brand strength and value is often overlooked during a merger and acquisition. However, brands carry a lot of value and influence how successful your M&A will be in the long run. Learn what you need to know here.

You've worked hard to position your business for the sale and finally received a letter of intent. Understanding what this letter truly says is vital and this article will detail what it means.

The best way to build value for your business sale is to make sure you, the business owner, are not an integral part of the sale. Distancing yourself from the business through exit planning is key. Learn how here.

Don't let yourself get so caught up in your business that you forget the critical step of exit planning. You've developed a successful business, so don't let your inevitable exit be a failure. Start planning now.

Building your business through acquisition (either as the acquiree or acquirer) is a sound strategy. Use established businesses as a platform to bolster your industry presence. This article will show you how and why.

The best valuations to use when you need to know how much your company can sell for and the market comparisons you need to be doing before you decide to sell your well-established equipment rental business.

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