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You will rationalize reasons to stay involved in your business until you've missed your golden opportunity to do so. If anything in this article rings true for you, consider your reasons for staying in. It might be time to start planning your exit!

Which is the best acquisition strategy? From co-investment to buy side advisors, John Bova takes you through the gamut of options, including their benefits and drawbacks, so you can make a more informed decision when you decide to invest.

ETake control of your financial statement by learning how accounting policies can positively impact EBITDA.

Making sure that your sensitive information is kept secret during the sales process is important, but so is ensuring that those bidding for your business have an idea of the true value of it so you get the best deal possible.

This article follows-up on the Divestopedia article 'When Selling Your Business, What Sale Process Is Best?' with a focus on the often undervalued step of ensuring you select the right advisor.

While we know the importance of due diligence during a sale, did you know that doing it before you enter the sales process can give you a competitive edge and therefore help you net more funds? Here's how to do it!

So you want to sell your business, but you have a dilemma: who do you sell to? This article shows how your well-trained staff can take over and continue to successfully run your business instead of approaching the sales market.

Calculating the return on equity for a privately owned business and understanding the implications of not achieving the market-driven cost of capital.

Every owner has their own retirement process. Some are vying to get out, but many have second thoughts -- are they ready? What comes next? This article overviews options that may help you with your exit planning.

Executing a management buyout requires a willing seller and a prepared management team. Find out the key factors that are required to execute a management buyout successfully.

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