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Family trusts are often an elusive and misunderstood relationship between advisors, settlor, trustees and beneficiaries. Learn why this is so concerning to your business succession planning and how a trust advisory committee can help.

The current valuations for middle market companies is frustrating private equity investors, but there are ways for them to control, choose or transform the market participation and strategy. Find out how here.

If you head up a family enterprise, you are likely all too aware of the statistics for the business surviving to the next generation. You may be surprised to learn the reasons why so many family businesses fail to plan effectively for succession.

Understanding the value of your business is important, but even more important is determining the amount of cash that will land in your bank account after the sale of your business. Read more on how to determine your net cash proceeds at closing.

Succession of your business ownership is a process rather than a single event. Here are some good and bad (and ugly) ways to prepare for this often once-in-a-lifetime transition.

In many cases, the sellers of a business (and even their intermediaries) have no idea how buyers finance an acquisition, but a closer look inside can show a business owner what it takes to complete a deal.

Private business owners: most of the statistics are not in your favor. Here's how you can break out of this cycle.

Different types of insurance for small and medium-sized businesses can not only provide you with the support you need in the event an issue should arise, but these policies can also maximize the value of your company when it comes time to sell.

Get answers to the questions: Who will buy my company and what are they looking for in an acquisition?

Learn the perspective of a buyer from an entrepreneur who has experiences both selling and buying businesses.

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