The Olin Group

Richard is a graduate of Babson College. Richard is an entrepreneur with over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. He has founded 14 of his own businesses and consulted on more than 1000 privately held entrepreneurial ventures. Richard has consulted with corporations ranging from a few million dollars to several billion dollars in revenue as an advisor, consultant, and task force member on business development, design concepts towards marketability, marketing incentive programs, distribution programs, down lining channeling systems, management advisory services, team motivational concepts, and client satisfaction programs. Richard is currently spending much of his time structuring socially responsible clean-tech businesses and optimization of human capital needs centered on lean management and strategic relationships. He also has tremendous interest with quality of life, poverty reduction capitalization concepts tied to specific countries globally and the Native American arts community and the high level of issues tied to youth. He continues his private capital catalyst and consulting involvement within many of his expertise tied to entrepreneurial passions and private equity impact on the community economy in over 70 industries, and maintaining his personal position on socially conscious investment relationships. Richard is currently Developing Catering Team USA and Executive-in-Residence with Micro Air Services. Richard brings his high level deal making experience along with his immense network of capital market participants that include Institutional Investors, Venture Capitalists, Asset Based Lenders, various other capital providers and business owners.

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