This Way Out Group LLC

This Way Out Group LLC is a boutique services firm formed in 2009 to address a set of unmet needs of lower middle-market business owners. This Way Out Group seeks to ensure owners generate wealth from the business they have built and achieve long-term success both in business and beyond. Our Four Step Exit Strategy Framework™ system is a holistic solution transforming the experience of increasing value & growth aligned with exit, transition, and succession planning; to be a cooperative, collaborative process in the client’s best interest.

We pioneered helping owners reduce risk and maximize business value to achieve the outcome they desire.

Most owners in the lower middle market aspire to double the size of their business and measurably increase its market value before they cash out. Yet, they are unprepared to do so on their own.

We help you achieve that and more before you try to monetize your business. This Way Out Group advises owners like you on value, growth, and early exit planning combined as a roadmap to optimize your business for a successful transaction, and transition you to achieve your ideal reinvention of purpose and passion with security for your next chapter (not your last chapter).

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