Tillery Capital LLC

Tillery Capital is an operationally-oriented private equity firm that invests in and builds lower middle-market companies in partnership with their management teams. We make equity investments in companies whose annual EBITDA is greater than $2 million. We pursue investments across a range of industries and business situations and we are also experienced at acquiring and turning around underperforming businesses. Tillery's founders have acquired more than 30 middle-market companies with an aggregate value in excess of $1.3 billion. We believe that successful, value-added investing is a function of focus, sound strategy development and effective business plan execution. In addition to access to more capital, lower middle-market companies typically need assistance in these areas to achieve their full potential. Our investment strategy is to make only one new platform investment every 18 months and take an active, consultative board-level role in helping our companies refine and achieve their business plans.Our partners are experienced company founders, CEOs and business consultants. We understand, first-hand, the demands of running a business in a challenging, competitive environment. We have the knowledge, experience and management tools necessary to help our companies implement their business plans and we provide them resources and capital they otherwise would not have access to. We work collaboratively with management in setting strategic objectives and priorities, identifying and executing on sales growth opportunities, improving operational effectiveness, handling business complexities, addressing capital needs, and sourcing and completing add-on acquisitions. We seek owners and management teams who are trying to grow their business, but have decided they need a partner like us to help them get it done.

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