Alan Chettiar


Alan Chettiar leads FirePower Capital’s Investment Banking team in all its engagements and sets its strategic direction. As a former Principal at a boutique investment management firm, Alan brings over a decade of experience in venture capital (debt and equity) and private equity. Alan has worked directly with dozens of entrepreneurs in various portfolio companies, providing guidance on growth initiatives and strategic direction, and he leverages this deep hands-on experience to maximize results for our clients. Alan holds an MBA from the Ted Rogers School of Management, a JD from Dalhousie University, and a Bachelor of Commerce from St. Mary’s University. He is registered as a CIM by the Canadian Securities Institute.

Articles by Alan Chettiar

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    Preconceived Notions Can Be Deal Killers

    Set aside any ideas you had about using an outside firm to help you sell your company. You'll make more oney and have a more successful process if you hire professional...

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