Allen Duck

Allen has over 20 years experience in business management in the USA and internationally, working for public companies in marketing and operations, before founding his own machinery distribution company. His business transition skills include: business analysis, efficiency improvement, implementation of business continuity plans, deal structure and negotiation. 

Eighty20 Advisers LLC was founded following a period working for a Wealth Management Firm, during which he negotiated the acquisition of several financial service companies. Through those transactions it became clear that both sellers and other interested buyers were inadequately prepared for the transaction or the asset transfer process. The majority of financial services firms are owned by individuals or small partnerships, are typically operated at a level of minimal overhead to maintain maximized profits. Expansion by acquisition demands a different management strategy, Selling a practice and ensuring the value is realized demands preparation and planning not normally associated to the operations of a financial services firm. 

The Eighty20 Program(tm) brings attention to issues that all practice owners need to understand and consider continuously if they are to protect their equity and maximize the value of the company when they execute their exit process. Our services aim to maximize the value that can be extracted from the entity that you have created.

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What Is Your Financial Planning Practice Really Worth?

Valuing a financial planning practice has changed over the years. Understanding proper valuation methods is critical to setting an owner's expectations and plans for succession.

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Any business venture is like Monopoly or any other cash-driven board game. You start with a small amount of cash, with the goal of turning it into a large amount of cash. Your ability to do this is the best test of whether you are adding economic value.

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