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Brad Mewes


Brad Mewes is a lover of business, finance and corporate strategy. Brad has over a decade of business experience in business management, strategic consulting, equity research and corporate development.

Brad received a Masters in Business Administration with a particular emphasis on finance, investment banking and M&A. He graduated in the top 10% of his class from a top 25 school. He was with an investment bank in Newport Beach working as an equity research associate when he left and went back to the collision industry.

Brad has always enjoyed reading about and studying business. In the collision industry, there are a small percentage of players that have a high level of financial sophistication and the vast majority that do not. He loves to share the information he has garnered over the years and begin a discussion on how to better operate and manage a business. That is when he decided to apply the lessons learned from business school, equity research and consulting to the industry he grew up in. Because of his background, Brad sees things in a very different way than many others in the industry.

Supplement! is designed to be a forum to discuss the role of finance in the industry, to discuss strategy on a large scale, to discuss consolidation, and to discuss running a better business in the face of a sea of changes. The industry is changing rapidly, which means that it will become more difficult for the uninformed to compete and generate profits. As larger, more sophisticated players enter the market, it will become even more important to develop a competitive edge.

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