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Clinton Johnston


Benchmark International’s Managing Director, Clinton Johnston, has more than twenty years of experience working in the mergers and acquisitions industry. He brings his varied skills to the team to help lead the challenging aspects of our transactions. His background includes a Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School and masters’ degrees in Economics from New York University and Finance from the University of Tampa.

He brought this education to the business world and has since worked in roles that allowed him to gain insight into all aspects of the mergers and acquisitions process. His experience has covered transactions large, small and in-between; involved private, public and state-owned companies; targeted opportunities in over 25 countries and across industries from manufacturing to IT to financial services. He has done this as an attorney and as a financial analyst; as a junior associate and as the deal lead; as an employee of both sellers and buyers and as an advisor to both sellers and buyers; and both as an agent and as a principal. Each of the 200 plus deals he has been a part of closing has added a tool to his kit, ensuring he always has a novel way to get the client the result they want. The combined experience of all these deals and roles allows him to see five steps down the road, well past the counterparty’s focal point, to ensure Benchmark International’s client secures the best possible terms in a transaction.

In his current role, he finds filling the M&A knowledge gaps between buyers and sellers to be the most exciting part of his day as this is a key to both reaching successful closings and providing great value to clients.

Now, he looks forward to sharing this knowledge with Divestopedia readers through his perspective on current mergers and acquisitions trends.

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