Cory Janssen is a co-founder of Janalta Interactive Inc., the parent company of Divestopedia. 

He formerly co-founded, a site that provided educational content and tools to help the individual investor. At Investopedia, he oversaw both the editorial staff (including 200+ external contributors) and the development team. Investopedia was sold to Forbes Media in 2007. At that time, Investopedia was attracting in excess of 4 million visitors per month. Janssen cut his teeth in the tech world back in the early days of the Web.

Recent Articles by Cory Janssen

Post Deal - The Plan for the First 90 Days

Getting the deal done is one thing -- living with your new partners (or boss!) is another. In this article we talk about the first 90 days post deal and what you can learn from an entrepreneur who is now on the buy side.

Both Sides of the Table: The Seller Becomes a Buyer

Learn the perspective of a buyer from an entrepreneur who has experiences both selling and buying businesses.

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