Erick Hamdan

I work with business owners, investors, and private equity building companies in the energy & industrial services space. We focus on delivering high returns on invested capital while limiting downside risk.

Since 2005, I have worked as founding partner and CFO of two private companies backed by a PE Firm that grew via acquisition and/or organically to revenues of $300+ million each. During this time, I have been fortunate to experience first hand the challenges, growth opportunities, and entrepreneurial spirit of our partners who have vended their life's work into our platform companies. The team has been involved in the acquisition, integration, and management of 35 companies that were merged to create two separate scalable companies that command valuation premiums over their industry peers. I continue to work as CFO and operating partner for one of these companies as we position it for the next stage of disciplined growth.
Recent Articles by Erick Hamdan

Why Would a Buyer Require an Environmental Assessment?

For "bricks and mortar" companies or those that offer products or services associated with chemicals or commodities, a buyer is sure to require an environmental assessment. Understand what this assessment is, and how you can prepare for one.

Spring Clean Your Revenue First, Then Grow It

Not all revenue is created equal. Valuable companies focus on revenue that is high margin and repeatable to maximize their value.

Intrinsic Value per Share and the Roadmap to Measurable Value Creation

Companies need a roadmap to help them achieve measurable financial value creation. This article provides the various levers that company owners can focus on to amplify value in their business.

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