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Hadley Capital was founded nearly 20 years ago specifically to invest in and grow small businesses. Since that time, we have completed more than 20 acquisitions, partnering with management teams, families and owner/executives to deliver results for our companies and investors. We focus exclusively on buying small, profitable companies. Hadley Capital is an ideal partner for owners seeking liquidity, generational transition, capital for growth or recapitalization. Over the years we have consistently demonstrated a knack for working collaboratively and productively with management teams to achieve the company’s goals. We seek to invest in improvements that build on past successes and are patient investors with a “first, do no harm” philosophy, guiding and supporting decisions based on meeting long-term growth objectives.
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What to Expect After Closing a Private Equity Deal (Part 3)

Paul Wormley from Hadley Capital continues his candid discussion of what to expect when you close a private equity deal in this third and final part of the article series.

What to Expect After Closing a Private Equity Deal (Part 2)

In continuing this candid series by Hadley Capital, Paul Wormley discusses more specifics about what a business owner can expect to change once a deal closes with a private equity group in part two of this three-part series here.

What to Expect After Closing a Private Equity Deal (Part 1)

Most business owners are more concerned about closing a deal than what exactly happens after the documents are signed. Paul Wormley, partner at Hadley Capital, explains what changes to expect as soon as the ink dries.

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