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Jock Purtle is considered an industry leader and expert on valuations of high growth internet companies, website valuations, and website brokerage. He has been featured and quoted in publications such as Forbes, CNBC, Entrepreneur, Business Insider,, Wired, CBS News, Geekwire, TechCrunch. He was the runner up in the Australian Global Student Entrepreneur awards and is currently living in American on an O1 visa – individual with extraordinary ability or achievement.

Jock began his entrepreneurial journey at an early age, working in his family business when he was just 9 years old (the largest business valuation company and brokerage in Australia). He acquired his first company at the age of 19, and since then has acquired 3 different businesses over his career. He successfully sold two of his businesses, (the second for six-figures.) And his third acquisition is now valued in the seven-figure range.

Having acquired the skill set of identifying good acquisition opportunities combined with over a decade of experience valuing and selling offline businesses in Australia, Jock started in 2011 (later to be rebranded Digital Exits in late 2013) a website brokerage dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs exit their company.

Since then the brokerage has grown with total sales expected in 2016 of $20,000,000. Jock focuses on working with select clients to maximize the value he can create for each and generally works at one time with seven clients or less.

These days, Jock’s focus is primarily on growing Digital Exits (the leader in the online business brokerage space, and the most efficient marketplace for buying and selling high-growth, online businesses), where he is a managing partner and CEO.

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