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Mark Wardell


Founder and President of Wardell International, Mark Wardell has developed a reputation as a leader in business advisory by helping entrepreneurs successfully plan, execute, and manage sustainable business growth.

In addition to offering comprehensive business consulting services through his company, Mark regularly shares his business advisory expertise through many channels. He is a published author of seven business books, frequent contributor to several top national publications including Profit Magazine, The Globe and Mail, and CGA Magazine, and a speaker at high-profile business events and on televised programs including BNN’s Money Talk with Patricia Lovett-Reid.

Mark continuously strives to expand his business expertise and maintain his position as a business advisory authority by researching, networking, and exploring new ideas among successful professionals.

Prior to founding Wardell International in 1999, Mark’s career included time as a business advisor for a major California-based consulting firm, an entrepreneur, a professional musician and a national level gymnastics coach.

Articles by Mark Wardell

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