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Michael Schwerdtfeger


Michael Schwerdtfeger is a managing director at Chapman Associates, a nationwide middle market mergers and acquisitions firm specializing in helping business owners and entrepreneurs obtain their ideal growth or exit strategy.

Michael is a former engineer, Fortune 500 lawyer, and MBA. After almost 20 years in the Fortune 500 marketplace, he chose to work in the middle market space because he enjoys bringing his large market cap experience to business owners and entrepreneurs. Michael now enjoys a rewarding life working with and within other people’s passions daily, working together with business owners and entrepreneurs to maximize their valuations and lay the groundwork for the best possible deal outcomes.

Michael knows what matters in a transaction, having the experience and ability to guide entrepreneurs through the complex M&A process. His approach is deeply rooted in academia and large market cap experience. Michael uses a combination of his past experience in working within the intricacies of projects and deals, and his knowledge of the psychology of deal making, to help business owners realize the best outcomes.

Michael Schwerdtfeger’s eBook “The Inner Workings of a Deal: Tips for a Successful Transaction” is now available for download on his website. Get your free copy here: https://mbsmergers.com/downloads/

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