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Thirty years ago, when Rick Pendykoski bought his first franchise, in the year 1982, he started a trend of rendering world class service and products. Due to his efforts and hard work, he surpassed the pro forma of $900,000 per year within months, even though the franchise was new. Surpassing the top goals of different franchises, he managed to become the largest franchise in North America.

His streak of buying franchises continued with his second franchise in 1985. Each time he bought a franchise, it surpassed the franchisor’s goals. Rick was able to understand that his successful run through his first, second, third, and fourth franchises was only because of his sales people and customers. To give back what he got from his customers and sales team, he organized different seminars focused on encouraging and mentoring, tournaments, and trips. This sealed the loyalty of his sales people along with his customers. The trips that he organized were in various exotic parts of the world, which proved to be beneficial for people as they were able to experience the rich lifestyle, while learning many new things. For the next two years, Rick travelled from coast to coast, visiting different franchises to encourage them.

Even though Rick was associated with a multi million dollar businesses for 15 years, he harbored the dream and passion of becoming a licensed trusted advisor. Finally, in the year 1998, he acted upon his passion and became a full time licensed trusted advisor.

Innovation being second nature to Rick Pendykoski, he tried to bring changes in the field of self directed accounts and “alternative” investments after conducting thorough research on them. His research convinced him that these types of investment opportunities were not being promoted or marketed by traditional advisors. He realized that one of the biggest reasons for this was that advisors cannot look beyond the horizon of traditional investments. Therefore, they are able to advise their clients only about the investment options that their broker or dealers have with them.

Helping clients with their different investment goals was not the motive of Rick Pendykoski. Taking it to another level, he allowed his clients to enter the domain of true self directed accounts and alternative investments along with different traditional investment options. His clients appreciated his company for giving them opportunities of investing in precious metals, real estate, loaning money, private placements, and tax liens.

With 30 years of experience behind him in this field of investment, Rick is able to advise different people about their retirement investments, which enable them to take control of their retirement funds in an appropriate manner. His pride is Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC that has continued its trend of giving helpful and valuable advice about different investment opportunities that most CPAs and advisors won’t give.

Rick Pendykoski has actually brought an innovative and unique skill set to the field with Self Directed Retirement Plans LLC.

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