Partner with Strategic Equity Advisors, LLP (Smolin Lupin affiliate); a boutique merger and acquisition advisory firm specializing in divesture strategies for owners of closely held companies. In this role, I collaborate with ownership, their families, and their advisors to develop and implement strategies that maximize wealth upon transfer in accord with overall ownership objectives.

Prior to specializing in divesture strategies, I spent 20 years developing and honing my succession and exit planning expertise by serving owners of middle market companies as their Chief Financial Officer. A significant portion of my career has been successfully handling turnaround and financial restructuring work for companies with revenues between $6mm and $115mm across various industry sectors.

My areas of expertise include business valuation, mergers and acquisitions, developing and implementing strategic business plans, value enhancement, right-sizing, cost cutting, structuring and financing.

My decision to specialize in divesture strategies came after observing my father’s business exit, after which I realized that most middle market business owners don't have access to the specialized resources essential when planning and executing their exit. Consequently, they skip the strategic and preparation step in the divesture process, resulting in post-exit remorse with significant wealth left on the table.

I chose this specialized field to fill this real and rapidly growing need and as a means to a meaningful and gratifying career.

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