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Buy Side Mandate

Manufacturer of Technician Tools and Instruments Seeking Add-on Acquisitions

Industry Focus Distribution, Industrials, Manufacturing
Region United States, Canada, International
Size - Revenue Between $5 - $250 Million
Size - EBITDA Between $1 - $25 Million

Investor Overview

Harbour Group seeks complimentary acquisitions for CPS Products, Inc., the parent company of CPS Products and uView Systems, a manufacturer of tools, instruments and equipment used by trained technicians in HVAC and automotive applications.

Primary product categories include: leak detection, refrigerant recovery and charging, preventative maintenance equipment and associated chemicals.

Investment Thesis

CPS Products Inc. is looking to add new product categories that benefit from its sales and distribution capability in the US, Europe and Australia.

Investment Criteria

CPS Products Inc. will acquire companies with revenue of at least $2 million that provide technician tools, instruments and equipment serving HVAC or automotive applications.

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