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Technology to Capture Interactive Imaging for Mobile Advertising and Shopping

Industry Focus Marketing Services, Technology
Region United States, Canada, International
Size - Revenue < $5 Million
Size - EBITDA < $1 Million

Company Overview

Our client has developed a fast, simple, and easy way for mobile users to create interactive mobile images. As easy as snapping a photo, the technology bundles images together to create engaging and interactive content.

Mobile shopping and advertising are dominated by still photos and looping videos, missing an interactive component to better engage users. This technology increases user engagement as users spend on average 2 minutes and 9 seconds on each interactive image compared to a typical still photo, video or slideshow. It also boosts conversions with users being 28% more likely to buy compared to pages with traditional, non-interactive images.

The technology can be used in athletics, real estate, travel, education, online dating, auto, social media…anywhere interactive engaging images can be used.

Transaction Overview

Our client is seeking a strategic buyer to "acquhire" the management team to implement the technology within their own company. An ideal buyer would be:

  • social media platform;
  • e-commerce platform;
  • larger retail clothing chain.

Investment Highlights

IP and Technology

Simple capture process - Our camera technology provides an easy way to capture a group of images and combine them together to create an interactive image across mobile applications or platforms.

Compelling user engagement - Move beyond still photographs, videos, or slideshows to better engage users with an experience that provides total control over viewing any product or item at every angle.

Smarter analytics, game changing potential - Our interactive technology opens the door to new engagement analytics to better understand user behavior.

Gamification and advertising - Create interactive mobile advertisements with gamification components to engage and incentivize everyday mobile users.

Limitless application - The IP includes interactive technology in advertising, shopping, gamification, and simple image capture for users all with interactive user controlled content.

Better backend processing - Our unique backend system process downloads more efficiently.

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