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Media Company in Music Industry Chicago #1143

Industry Focus Media
Region Media
Size - Revenue Between $5 - $10 Million
Size - EBITDA Between $1 - $5 Million

Company Overview

The company was founded in 2011, providing high quality youthful urban and rhythmic music, including in-house editorial and content marketing. Because of the its deep music industry/artist access, the company is a go-to source for A&R, management, promotions and marketing execs.

Since 2011, the company has rapidly grown. The company’s website has over 4mm unique visitors to date and over 25mm page views. It has 80,000+ social media followers and its IOS and Android Apps have been initially in process to be designed. Over the years, it has been building artist pipelines with track records earnings and a rich pipeline of prospective artists to sign. It is in management’s belief that with proper distribution channels, they have the ability to introduce the next wave of stars in the music industry.

The company requires $750,000 to $1M to fund growth plans over the next 12 months. Currently the company is owned by founding management team, with no outside capital to date. The company plans to use the money to purchase studio infrastructure and hire support personnel, and to develop and launch iOS and Android app. The money will also be used to sign and develop initial artist roster, create a database of user and for further branding.

Transaction Overview

The company has a track record of predicting major hits. In 2016 alone, 12 artists released projects by major labels. Because of the deep connections inside the Chicago & New York music scene, the website is one of the top rhythmic/urban tastemaker with nearly 50 new submissions.

The company intends to use a cost effective way sign and promote the most talented. In-house recording will reduce the cost; utilizing blogs and PR firms will make artists maintain high-profile; diversifying the artist portfolio will minimize risk.

Unlike many creative businesses, the company takes a financially responsible approach that is business model-driven and ROI-based. This is the result of our venture capital and private equity investment background across three funds of over $300 million in aggregate.

Investment Highlights

There are very few emerging music companies with the executive talent, artistic credibility, consumer following and corporate independence. In 2016, R&B / Hip-Hop is the most popular genre in the world according to Spotify. Thus, the company is extremely confident in its growth plan, which needs $750,000 to $1M.

1st Phrase: Evolve into a robust media company, and profit from targeted advertising, Live performance / sponsored artist showcases, merchandising and digital downloads.

2nd Phrase: the website and app monetize users across 6 platforms: Premium, Freemium, Sales , Affiliate Programs(with Google, Apple, SoundCloud, TIDAL and other 3rd parties), Advertising(Based on the user's profile and the proprietary search engine, this advertising will be highly targeted and will be sold on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM). ) and Merchandise(– branded lifestyle clothing to include t-shirts, hats, hoodies, etc along with artist and brand partnership).

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