Last updated: March 29, 2024

What Does JAMBOG Mean?

JAMBOG is an acronym used in buy/sell circles that stands for “just another mid-market buyout group.” It is usually used in a negative context when referring to a buyer in a dynamic or an industry where there is too much money chasing after too few opportunities.


Divestopedia Explains JAMBOG

Usually JAMBOGs are attractive to sellers because they exist in an environment where there is considerable capital to be placed and, therefore, valuations and premiums can be driven up. However, a seller must be aware that not all buyout groups are created equal. Just because a buyer has capital to deploy and will “pay up” for your business, does not mean you should select it as the ultimate buyer. Other considerations should include how long the buyer intends to hold the investment, other skills they bring to the table that can supplement your management team, and the speed at which the JAMBOG intends to integrate or fundamentally change your company.


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